Campus inner courtyard – CLEAN now!

Our kids at Foweplak moved months ago to new Campus building. Could not wait to finish facilities for them. Now, it came time for an UP–date of their courtyard. See here their – KIDS’ effort to accustomize their playingground, this week: July 28th-31st. Red sand?! Good for RG tennis tournement in France? It was an

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Peanut Weather Paint

We’ve got support in July 2014

PeterM and BB just accomplished their tasks last evening, Thursday, July 31st, 2014. They are on the way to Airport to return to Melbourne (Australia). Three weeks working on different tasks – now, Mission ACCOMPLISHED! Take a look at tasks they’ve fulfilled: 1. AUS Container – unloaded complete. 2. School facility a. lockers – mounted √ b.

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