FOWEPLAK is a community-run Foundation dedicated to support orphans, widows and poor young generation of people in Uganda.

IMG_5372In the recent years, families, villages, clans and tribes have been torn apart by war and HIV/AIDS. Often, children who have barely begun their schooling are suddenly full-time carers for younger siblings and for their grand-parents. And they are expected to do so with only the bare essentials of village life, and sometimes without even that.

Many of these children have lost their parents because of war, disease, violence and property grabs that have left them without an inheritance – many times without so much as the right to a small piece of land on which to live and build a house and grow food. Some are too young to know how to do these things.

Disability as we in the West know it is very often still viewed as a curse of the gods. Consequently, many with a disability are either abandoned, discarded and left to survive if they can on their own. Many are targeted as beings of little value, to be used as slave labour or as scapegoats for crime.

FOWEPLAK recognises with great compassion and few resources the vast needs of Ugandan society; in particular, the region of Kiboga. During the 1980s, Kiboga was the epicentre of a war-ravaged region that claimed the lives of many men young people and was plunged into what became the African HIV/AIDS crisis.

FOWEPLAK is a registered and officially recognised Ugandan NGO/CBO – a community-run Foundation – that exists to alleviate suffering and to care for the various groups of people caught up in the destitution and destruction of their own society. We work for orphan and neglected/abused children; for widows for the elderly; and for people living with HIV/AIDS.

There are some updates to follow here:

Dorm_01  School_0714_01
   Have a sleep on floor matrese – but clean room!                       Kids gathered into mainhall

          Looking from innner court to a class!                                         Roof is new

            Dormitories – far away from mainstreet           Colourful dormitories almost ready to receive kids.