We are back to school! By February 2nd, all campus kids and many more join first day at school.

0215_class_01 0215_class_02 0215_class_04

Kids are getting their uniforms on dark blue and cropping green – a symbol of hard working to suceed in a fruitful life.


This year a young couple from Vienna/Austria: Samuel and Tania – are visiting us for almost full month of February to support school launch for first full year of curriculum at new campus. Samuel and Tania were enjoying supporting our teachers, loving kids, leading them to recreative activities and setting up curriculum with teachers.

0215_pupils_01 0215_pupils_02

Teachers are ready with new curriculum and all preparations on schedule.


One key important book pupils received from one of first days at school is The WORD – real greatest WORD for Life – printed and shared with support of Team Austria.


Fit-for-LIFE! Kids are already happy to make physical moves and some basic sports. It is not easy to learn team-working and supporting your team mates!

0215_sport_01  0215_soccer_01

At the end of the day, kids whose “home” is at back of their classrooms in campus, are enjoying time with visitors, who are helping to get new prospects for life.

0215_evening_out 0215_evening_01

Tommorow is another DAY! Kids will wake up (before 5AM) prayerfully to get nurtured, educated and lifted up! They need your support – to get peace of bread, drinkable water, a pair of pans, a shirt, and lessons for Life!


4 Responses to Back to school! February 2015

  1. I really thank God for Samy and Tarnia,
    They really blessed us

  2. Mihi Mike

    May God bless Samy and Tania who were helping there for one month, and bless all others involved.
    Pray for the new pupils to find a blessed place in the New Life School and at Foweplak.

    • SCS

      Kids are eager to enjoy a better life. But need support from good-will, hearted and merciful mature people to help initiative of NEW LIFE School

  3. Mihi Mike

    Let’s pray for Cornelius and the team from Australia who will go soon to Kiboga.
    May God protect them on the ways and at the work they will do there.

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