Our kids at Foweplak moved months ago to new Campus building. Could not wait to finish facilities for them.
Now, it came time for an UPdate of their courtyard. See here their – KIDS’ effort to accustomize their playingground, this week: July 28th-31st.

Kids effort courtyard_01Kids effort courtyard_02

Red sand?! Good for RG tennis tournement in France? It was an amount of 13 full TRUCKs brought maran to be levelled for and BY kids onto inner court-yard!

Kids effort courtyard_03

MARAN 13 trucks_01



2 Responses to Campus inner courtyard – CLEAN now!

  1. Vali Visan

    Impressive, how this kids work! Our kids should learn attitude from them.

  2. Mihi Mike

    Thanks to all keeping an eye on the project.
    Meanwhile the inner yard is finished with concrete and in the next few weeks the whole inner yard will be covered with a roof to become a multi-function room: cantine, playing ground, seminar room, church, event room..

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