Living with EXAMPLE!

Weeks ago – by mid of January 2017, we had with us experienced men from Australia and Austria. Even though geographically are far away: Aussies over seas and ocean south east from Kiboga, austrians are located north far north-west of us in middle Europe ! What was to catch our attention was the way they

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When muzungu work for us!

Time to work before Christmas time. We received the working visit of Aussie muzungu(s). Period: December 4th-17th, 2016. Papa PM led a team of five to manage different working jobs for our campus: Mount solar collecting panels for electricity. The One who gave us SUN every day is providing energy for all our lighting and

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We plant, He grows!

Our mission is to see gardeners growing healthy at our campus. We had planted this season seeds for tomatoes, cabbage, egg plants, beans, onion, pumpkin, corn, potatoes.                        There are three areas of garden where teens learned to plant seeds and to care about gently

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We’re seeding, He makes it grow!

Wet season is soon coming! We were working to prepare our NL GARDEN for getting vegetables for the HOUSE! Yes, teens are learning to prepare by WORK on soil – to ready it for seeds! Set down the SEEDs with a tender spirit and PRAYER – is making all for HIM to bless our Garden

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Lifted HIGH – a roof that brings confort to all

Last assault in April: lift up an industrial roof over inner courtyard to campus. It was a majestic artwork done by Aussies. Our kids were there to eye-witness a life-touching experience.            So, preparations took several days – bars brought at campus, cuting and assemblying. Now, who is LIFTING up? Hands up!

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Fresh air – inside out!

A slideshow that brings fresh air with painting – our Aussie tutors did it with care and enjoyment. Can you sing loud when painting? Check on Jacob!

What they did in April?

Have a look at 7 minutes video prepared for Aussies back at home. Nine Aussies were around campus to manage key tasks. Enjoy their shares and witness of desire to SERVE by discipling youngsters in campus. Keep going to keep clean to keep safe this place! Wait for our loved papas to return some day!

Muzungu are back in town!

All the good things are bringing joy! Weeks of hard working passed. Since April 6th up to May 4th, 10 Aussies and one Romanian located in Austria visited campus to help on different hard jobs. 1. Papa Ferry did plumbing works, discipling Ronnie 2. Papa John did with Jacob and Emil all repainting of classrooms

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