Africa Day

Kids are getting a sense of participation and awareness that they are born and raised on this continent of Africa. Our school boys and girls participated to manifestations dedicated to Africa Day this year into town of Kiboga. See their enthusiasm. Within years, they will be young adults to make a better FUTURE to their

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Sports – winning spirit!

NEW Life Soccer Team – won local trophy of competition between schools in Kiboga county. Our soccer kids were fit for winning trophy, with a loving care spirit, but concentrating for the GOAL! We are happy about this trophy! Girls were top 3 at volleyball competition. Joy was on high level into our front yard

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Here in campus!

Just couple of days from AD 2015! Here are some updates from campus we are living in Kiboga –    a community to grow kids for a brighter future! school year is ended! same daily food: posh, beans. Sometimes rice Computer one-day event – to show up to kids and parents in community How-to work on

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Who is serving here?

Think for a moment, how is molding the way of living, when you are spending 7-8 years around same adult person? He becomes spiritual father, role model, mentor, supporter, discipler, visionar for your life. Youngsters bellow were brought by Pastor Joash together for caring on their basic needs. Today they are inspiring younger teens and

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Who we are?

Get to find us here. Kids in campus: More to show up here soon!

Wait for New Year AD2015 – through a long night of PRAYER

Last hours of 2014. What can be for you more fruitful, effective and desirable? A night of rest or a night of prayer, when passing to a new time milestone? Our community at Elim/Foweplak decided to spend a full evening becoming night of December 31st on praying – worshipping – praising our Lord. We have

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Christ is celebrated – December 2014

Joy to the world for Christ was born! Pastor Joash celebrated together with all community at Foweplak. Orphans at Foweplak were enjoying to choose a pair of shoes, received from supporters in Australia.   Then, they were filling as being part of FAMILY at Elim community by all celebration and great meal together:           

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School – first year passed!

Friday, November 28th, 2014 – We were reaching a milestone: School has ended for douzines of kids. For the first time, they have ended their school classes within new campus. Have a look here to some of their faces, at the end of classes. You can find joy – peace – fulfillment. Kids are uplifted to

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Peanut Weather Paint

We’ve got support in July 2014

PeterM and BB just accomplished their tasks last evening, Thursday, July 31st, 2014. They are on the way to Airport to return to Melbourne (Australia). Three weeks working on different tasks – now, Mission ACCOMPLISHED! Take a look at tasks they’ve fulfilled: 1. AUS Container – unloaded complete. 2. School facility a. lockers – mounted √ b.

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Manage new House – follow-up in July 2014

PeterM and BB arrived on second week-end of July from Melbourne for following tasks to fulfill: – built-up school tables and benches – over 200 will be available for School – dormitories furniture assembly within 12 rooms. – walkpads around campus building, as kids walking around building were bringing mud inside during rainy season. – built-up

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