Team Australia is supportive of FOWEPLAK ministry since 2011. A commited man of action and character is Peter Tarcea, leader of project. He is travelling 3-4 times a year to Kiboga, to support build-up of new school. Recent updates of team working in Kiboga are here:

Roof Team AUS* Roof installed – it took two weeks to put the roof on all three sections of new School/dormitory building. There are transparent plastic sheets for getting light inside classrooms.


Tiles AUS 1


Wall and floor ceramic tiles – for about one week, over 2000 square meters of tiles applied over all inner floor of building.




AUS Class tiles done

Team AUS tiles_2AUS dormitory tiles done

  Tiles are shaped over within classrooms and dormitories.

* Sanitary equipment – a new team landed from Australia for plumming and all sanitary equiptment to install: bathroom furniture, lavages, toilets (March 2014).