Last hours of 2014. What can be for you more fruitful, effective and desirable?


A night of rest or a night of prayer, when passing to a new time milestone? Our community at Elim/Foweplak decided to spend a full evening becoming night of December 31st on praying – worshipping – praising our Lord. We have invited friends, relatives, people our community member acquint.
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Our orphans were exposed within hours to a time of intercession, asking our Heavenly FATHER to provide support, resources, money for their living in coming year. Orphans were seeing adults and young adults on praising and giving THANKS to our Lord for all great things He has done during AD 2014. Was a YEAR when NEW things came to our life here in Kiboga – new campus, new school, new place for meeting, new garden, new beings (chicken, goats) to raise around. And LAST but not least: LIGHT – from generator installed weeks before last day of the year, it was a miracle to have a gathering full of Light.

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All was reaching an eppic next day – January 1st, 2015, when 52 (fiftytwo) persons were confessing their submission to Lord Jesus Christ, through a public baptism in water within new campus. It was a great display of God’s GRACE in life of born-again people young and old. Their testimonies reached at hearts of participants.

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 How we could finish such a great passing of time milestone than with a feast for ONE THOUSAND participants, a feast prepared by a douzine of voluntiers in our community. As Pastor Joash shared after event: “This might look as an extravagance for Africa, but when you do such things it creates a good platform to reach more people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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  1. Mihi Mike

    Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is bringing Hope to the hopeless and Food to the hungry ones, and also His Word for the Souls.

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