PrayerMy name is Joash.  I am a Pastor in Uganda, East Africa.  I run an orphanage and I have planted 48 churches.  I have a radio programme; run a primary school and vocational education school.  I travel to where I am needed to preach in many different locations, from being a guest speaker for government officials to travelling deep into bush areas to reach poverty stricken villages.  I am writing to you today to reach out in desperate need of help.  Please take a moment to read my testimony.

At the heart of humans lies hope: a hope that is as necessary for our survival as earth, air and water.  And at the heart of all hopes is a dream – a dream that something, somewhere, sometime will change for the better.

I have a dream
* I dream of a country in which all the resources of the country will be shared equally between all the people of the country so that even the most disadvantaged among us will be able to meet most basic needs with dignity and joy; a country with no corruption; a country with no wars; a country free of HIV/AIDS.

* I dream of a great society of small communities inter-dependently co-operating to practice political, socio-economic, cultural and personal righteousness and peace.

* I dream of vibrant neighbourhoods where people relate to each other as neighbours.

* I dream of people developing networks of friendship in which the private pain they carry deep down in their hearts is allowed to surface and is shared openly in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect.

* I dream of people understanding the difficulties they have in common, discerning the problems, discovering solutions, and working together in a spirit of co-operation for personal growth and social change according to the visionary agenda of Jesus Christ.

Dance floor* I dream of the younger generation who are orphans today – and neglected – to become more and more useful; to bring hope and peace in our country through Jesus, through reading of bibles and put the bible into practice, changing them to change their localities.

* I dream of every church in every locality responding positively to a new approach to the gospel in my country and hence to have large impact in the community.

* I dream of an orphanage home and a youth centre to change the lives of the younger generation to a Godly generation.

* I dream of a Radio station to broadcast the dream into the ears of millions of people to make this vision a reality. Maybe you share some of my dream.  It’s a dream many live for and a few of us die for.  If you can join me to make this dream come to reality, I welcome you.

Let us join hands to act in response to many social issues that face communities in Uganda. Some of these include:

  • The high rate of people with HIV/AIDS, which results in many orphans, some of whom are themselves infected with HIV/AIDS;
  • Children growing up in a fatherless generation because of death due to HIV/AIDS and wars.

The reason I am sending this to you is to help me carry this burden together.  I am looking for sponsorship because currently

I have a primary and a vocational school for the poor families who cannot afford to pay for education, to pay salaries for teachers, for clothing and medication, for the cooks who prepare food for the children both at the school and at the orphanage.

All together we are feeding 250 children on a daily basis, however there are days when food is not available and the children go hungry because of lack of funds to buy food. In august 2008 when I came to Australia to raise funds for my orphanage we gathered enough money to take back to buy a few sewing machines and build a new house for the children to live in as the one we were living in was falling apart.  However it is now two years later and the orphanage has now grown from 30 to 50 children who are permanently living there and countless others who come to eat and have to be sent away because of lack of space.

Soccer kidWe also run a sports academy which is open to all children from the streets. Our motto is CHILDREN TODAY, THE HOPE OF TOMORROW!  We run this centre to give the homeless and the children who walk the streets an outlet to be creative and join in to connect with others in a positive and safe environment; to learn life changing skills; to develop their talents, and to turn their focus on God.  This has benefited many youths who have had a good result through this project. I am looking forward to making this dream come to reality, but I cannot do it alone.  I have come to a point where my dream has overtaken me and I am in desperate need for financial help to keep all we have begun running.  CAN YOU PLEASE HELP.  PLEASE GIVE.  I am currently in Australia if you would like to contact me or to meet with me.  Please take some time to visit my website where you can view the children and know more about who I am.

With Love from