JoashI am a pastor of Kiboga Elim Church in Kiboga District, mid-western Uganda.  I have planted 48 churches in my country.

I am also the Founder and Director of FOWEPLAK – the Foundation for Orphans, Widows, the Elderly and People Living with HIV/AIDS: Kiboga.  Through FOWEPLAK we look after many people in our locality who are disadvantaged because of war and HIV/AIDS.  Helping the needy ones gives the church impact in the local area.

We now own and operate New Life Primary School with around 200 pupils.  Many of the students cannot pay school fees and this means that very often we cannot pay our teachers.  This situation cannot continue for very long and we need assistance to pay the teachers.  Because of the poverty in the local area, the school does not meet Ugandan Government requirements for registration to receive funding for teachers wages.

We also have FOWEPLAK Sports Academy which coordinates and supports several sports clubs: netball, football (soccer), volleyball and basketball.  The Sports Academy is one of the ways God has given us to reach the unreached with the good news of Jesus.  Through this we have seen great change in our country.  We are now creating a new God-fearing generation of young people.  By gathering the youth together and organising sports we have a very good platform to share Jesus with them, to motivate them and to keep them occupied.  We are also promoting and uplifting their various talents.  The motto for sports academy is “YOUR TALENT IS YOUR CAPITAL.”  The sports often find they do not have the money to get their teams to sporting events and fixtures.  We have some local sponsorship but it does not meet all the costs for the teams.

As of 2009, the project is looking after 92 people: orphans, elderly people who have no family, and sick people.  But the number of people who need help accumulates day by day so we need support in order to support others.  Even the local authorities send people to us.  However, the Ugandan Government at this stage does not accept responsibility for the costs of caring for these people.

We also have a radio program on Kiboga FM Radio and this program reaches 2 million people in five districts.  We have only 30 minutes a week on Sunday morning.  But we look forward to the day when we can establish our own FM radio station if God opens the doors.

From time to time, we run different projects in order to raise much needed funds.  However, often medical emergencies or other crises mean that the little money we raise cannot be spent on food other than very basic staples like matoke and maize meal.  Also the land our buildings are on is not large enough to allow us to grow our own food.