Daniel and his daughter Daniela made a long trip from Austria for spending 4 weeks in Campus. Daniel is having a great hobby for pets, so he decided to acquire small chickens – over 200 !!! and  five rabbits for Foweplak campus.

2014_rabbits1  2014_chicken1                                                    

                            Goats – 17 (seventeen) !

A new small GARDNER’s house is built up – there will be cared house-nurturing meat-featured beings(animals).


Seeds were planted: tomatos and pepperonies. Youngsters were getting a project from caring on plants growing up. Kids will enjoy soon bio-tomatos from Josh’s garden.

Seeds_02  Seeds_03Daniela  Seeds_01

Daniel worked hard to get 11 (eleven) rooms with floor tiles. They are ready for use. Daniela and other youngsters managed cleaning of tiles.

Daniel_tiles01 Daniel_tiles02 Kids_tiles03

School furniture – manufactured: Daniel and local team prepared 60 (sixty) benches and 60 (sixty) school tables support sets – ready for plates arrived with containter from AUS.

Schoolpieds_02  schooltables_01  Schooltables_03







2 Responses to June 2014

  1. Christian

    Dear brothers in Jesus Christ,
    The work you’re doing there is great and the efforts are big as well. To help and teach the orphans, children and other people what means and how to let God be your guide as you travel the road of life is a part of our holy mission which Jesus asked us to fulfill. May God give you strength, resources and open all doors, in order to make this project more and more prosperous.
    Christian, Vienna, Austria

  2. Mihi Mike

    Dear Cristian,
    I do not know who you are, however, you can be a part of the project.
    May God bless you.

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