We are using a resource setup since end of April. Our kids from classes P5 through P8 are taking a weekly class of personal computing. Kids are enjoying to explore a “new” horizon on their pretty simplistic and basic life.

PC class_kids01

A good teacher is leading them trustfully to new horizon. He is one of us, among us, our JOSE!

PC class_Jose02  PC class_03                               PC class_Jose01         PC class_01

When is going to come about Internet? Seeing, checking, exploring, this world behing valley at Kiboga?

PC_curr_01 PC class_02

2 Responses to Learn interactive – new!

  1. Building today’s child means creating a brighter future. Foweplak is doing a great job not only on earth but also in the kingdom of God.

  2. The world is developing every minute and every second it means people also have to move at the same point .foweplak creating a source where children can get knowledge and skills is trying to build anew future for Uganda children . Big thanks FOWEPLAK

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