Last assault in April: lift up an industrial roof over inner courtyard to campus. It was a majestic artwork done by Aussies. Our kids were there to eye-witness a life-touching experience.

Roof_up001     Liftup_1     Liftup_3

So, preparations took several days – bars brought at campus, cuting and assemblying.

Now, who is LIFTING up? Hands up!

Lift_up_4     Roof_up002     Lift_up_5

Heavy burden? Well, yes BUT be smart – with wisdom from ABOVE! Aussie Papas are doing such lifts every week back in Melbourne! See how!

Lift_up_2     Roof_upall05     Roof_uphands01

Believe it or not – 12 mature young and “soul-young” men lifted up all roof structure, on African beat-rythm within 16 minutes! How much preparation? Three days for 16 minutes LIFTED HIGH!

Well, time to have a look, meditate and … advice!

Roof_upall03     Roof_upPeter1_02     Roof_upmeet_01

A sightseeing from above needs to be done at the end of the day – with humble spirit.

Lift_up03     Lift_up04     Lift_up_6

Tomorrow is another day – discipling of cover – green plastic sheets.

Roof_up11     Roof_up10    Roof_up12    Roof_upall08     Roof_upDaniel02     Roof_updisc_01

Updates: next Sunday – gathering announced to NEW large HALL, large space, protected, practical and peaceful.

Roof_up03 Roof_up04How looks inside?

Roof_all01 Roof_all02 So, waiting for your feedback here bellow at end of this post LEAVE a REPLY? Is this an ARTWORK done by Aussie Papas? Yes or not? What is your thought about creativity and know-how our Lord gave to experienced papas?

Other pics. Just click on one you choose and you will get full size – to enjoy meditating to wisdom, beauty and reliance on strength. Lift up HIS NAME higher with every work of your hands!

Lift_up02  Lift_up01  Roof_up02  Roof_up05  Roof_up15  Roof_upall04  Roof_upall06  Roof_upall07  Roof_upall09  Roof_upall10  Roof_upAmbro01  Roof_upCorn_01  Roof_upDaniel01  Roof_upPeter2_02  Roof_upsight01

2 Responses to Lifted HIGH – a roof that brings confort to all

  1. Mike

    May God bless all involved in this great achievement. Now, there is a big multifunctional room for all kind of activities and for a bigger church!

  2. I indeed thank God for the humble heart that he has given to the people of Australia, Austria and Romania.
    They have given the district of Kiboga a new look-the new hope to the vulnerable kids of Kiboga , we now have hope to step in the grace of God more and more,

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