Weeks ago – by mid of January 2017, we had with us experienced men from Australia and Austria. Even though geographically are far away: Aussies over seas and ocean south east from Kiboga, austrians are located north far north-west of us in middle Europe !

What was to catch our attention was the way they are working together and speaking a strange language to us, different than English. They are a REAL EXAMPLE to live with over the last 5 years!

For one week they have been working hard to finish for us: kitchen, fences, garden.

Also, they have pursued us to set down some ruling procedures into campus:

  1. wake up in the morning for singing, praying and reading from THE BOOK = BIBLE.
  2. Afternoon chapel time – once a week with singing, spiritual learning.
  3. Team-up of each schooller in campus for following responsibilities:
    1. cleaning dormitory, including setup clear bed
    2. cleaning in campus outdoor area
    3. cleaning toilets
    4. watering fruit trees
    5. gardening
    6. food serving
  4. dormitory responsible ladies


As we passed already three years from moving to campus, our “Aussie+Austro parents” blessed us NOW with 150 NEW complete sets for dormitories, including protective nets (mosquito). For 55 beds were renewed supportive frames and 70 mattresses were changed with new ones, purchased from capital. Each kid is having his name labelled on bed and on closet door.

Repainting for all dormitories and class rooms, and 16 windows were setup. For toilets, our “parents” were building up a new system with water by flexible pipes and diffusors.

For classrooms, 25 more double-table-bench sets.

Kitchen area – with 3 large plates for heating and boiling + 2 more for up to 50 liter pots. Storage rooms: one for basic aliments and one for logistics: chairs and tables.


Fence around all campus was finished.


Reservoir for rainy water was finished, capable to store up to ONE MILLION liters.

All these works were amazingly fulfilled within one week and are a solid ground for their purpose with us – to support us to become self-sustainable on campus life with LIVINGSCHOOLINGGARDENINGLEARNING to live with a deep Christian character.

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  1. Denis Humble

    We always can’t forget the Australian Community,.. They have showed us the living example of God in them. We bless you all!

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