All the good things are bringing joy! Weeks of hard working passed. Since April 6th up to May 4th, 10 Aussies and one Romanian located in Austria visited campus to help on different hard jobs.

1. Papa Ferry did plumbing works, discipling Ronnie


2. Papa John did with Jacob and Emil all repainting of classrooms and outer walls. Among disciples – Daniel next to Papa John.

C_repainting02  PapaJohn_J01

3. Other Papas did a great technical masterpiece: LARGE ROOF lifted over inner court of campus.


Three papas teaching young men – 10-15 years ago simple orphans without any perspective. Tomorrow = within coming years, they might be key specialists in poor region of Kiboga.

disciple_01  Papa Cornel

disciple_02  disciple_03

Papa Petricus                                          Papa Daniel

4. Papa John was every day called for sanitary works.


Well, still other works done. Keep close to find other 2-3 papas! Where is PAPA PETER?

2 Responses to Muzungu are back in town!

  1. Mike

    May God bless all who help at Foweplak.
    Any glass of water given to these little ones will is paid with eternal life!

  2. I have personally seen Jesus Christ through the works of these amazing people of God.

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