What are doing teeen-agers on week-ends in other parts of the world? Socializing on Internet? Playing games online? Sofa-ing for a movie at home?

We had offer a special Saturday to 120 pupils from 10 schools in Kiboga district, north of Uganda. We made IT – information technology seminar for youngsters eager to learn on how to use IT for a better education and life.

Pupils came with great expectations, as most are not having their own notebook or PC. To get in front of a visual encounter with monitor, keyboard, mouse and navigate far away virtually around the worlds – is an astonishing visual and mindful experience!

8:30 AM – ready to start!it_ready

Seven teachers from around district led teaching on different hardware and app subjects. They were supported by Jose and Denis from Foweplak – our passionate organizers of this IT seminar.



Thanks to BenQ Central and Eastern Europe who organized for us resources and awards for best pupils at seminar.

awards_01awards_03 awards_02

By the end of the DAY – behind 7PM, our young participants left for home with a satisfaction in their mind: We made I_T!


There is a FUTURE for the millennials even in Uganda! New Life Foundation is dedicated to IT!


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  1. Jose

    This was awesome praise be to God

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