IMG_2210Elementary school

Preparation for starting new school year by 03.02.2014. As kids noticed that classrooms into new building are white painted, they organized themselves to move alone.


NEW!  A classroom within proper conditions for kids to study. With June (Team Europe) and July (Team Australia) efforts in 2014, kids can enjoy good school tables and benches.

07_classroom_1 07_classroom_2 0215_pupils_03

February 2014 – First days within new school year AND new building – pupils received new uniforms!

What a JOY to get first CLASS hours within new classroom. What a JOY to get first CLASS hours within new classroom.
School class 1  Daughter working 1 0215_pupils_02
We are trained to get responsibility at work, preparing for life with household skills.

Kids are wearing school uniforms and getting well-prepared food.

Kids in school 0714  Kids@meal_02  Kidsonraw_01

School Team teachers in 2015 are here, open-minded and bringing new ways of teaching kids.