We are grateful to Aussies that did a fresh re-painting for outer walls around all building sections. It was a two week job for three Aussies and more than a douzine of our youngsters.

Painting_09       Painting_10

Paint_15        Paint_11

It was a great exploring experience for teens in our campus – to find out about chemistry of painting liquids in cans sent from Australia.


What is special when left alone to decide how to paint – Teachers’ ROOM!

Paint_13         Paint_14

And now, see some disciple-ing with Jacob and Emil!

Painting_06        Paint_17

Jacob could enjoy painting only by SING-ing loud Gospel songs. Look at our youngsters! Amazed by dual-task-envoy Jacob. “I’m singing in the … paiting walls!” Simon at right side had to keep pace with Master Trainer J.

Emil is taking higher responsibilities, asked by our incoming leader – R. Look at him how is indicating to Emil what to do up there. R was “requiring” strong verbally every 10-15 minutes within breaks of every hour for further job. He is eager to do more! With such schoolers, there is future for Kiboga and beyond!

Paint_16E          Paint_11

And Papa Johnny? Look at him how gently is appreciating a hard worker, spritz-ed from painting on high walls!


Do you SEE = FEEL the difference by the end of April 2015? Have a look here:

Painting_03     ===>>>>>>       C_painting02

It is all now about keeping it cleaned and teach the preschoolars and pupils in elementary to STAY clean around at school and back in dormitories! Hard job, isnt’ it?


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