Time to work before Christmas time. We received the working visit of Aussie muzungu(s).
Period: December 4th-17th, 2016.

Papa PM led a team of five to manage different working jobs for our campus:

  1. Mount solar collecting panels for electricity. The One who gave us SUN every day is providing energy for all our lighting and working equipment.
  2. Regularize creek at the bottom of Bamusuta hill on eastern side of campus. Clean-up of channel and bridge was costly. One excavator of 9 tones was brought for heavy carrying work – clearing for 20 meters amonte and 60-70 meters in lower course.


    1. Dirt trap – to catch muddy dirt, regularized with concrete shape for an easy cleaning later.
    2. Pipe of 600 mm to direct water flow.
    3. Collect channels for rainy water were digged on upper side of campus area.  
    4. Total length of channel digging  reached 600 meters!
  3. Kitchen – new into campus main building.
    1. Bread oven with continuous cooking, heating flows around oven, not direct hit on oven.
    2. Heating system is currently with wood, but later will be used with burnt oil. 
  4. Cover garden – with plastic net to avoid sun heating. Added one 3,000 liters basin posed at 2.7 meters high on three concrete pillars, with a dropping water system.
    1. Soil was dogged/processed twice, eight wooded flows were setup, consolidated up to 250 mm. Every evening water is tuned on to drop for 1-2 hours and all garden is watered.
    2. Mark from Brisbane / AUS did main job there. 
  5. Planting comestible fruit trees: 35 all together: avocado, guava, jackfruit, mango, bananas.
  6. Playing equipment: monkey bars, cradles. See how kids here are enjoying at best times of day.    
  7. Fence around campus property:
    1. wood pillars – 450 units
    2. Fence length – 250 meters

Let’s keep updated on main objective here: support to develop true servants for the Lord!
Looking forward to get this campus as model for community of Kiboga and surroundings.

One Response to When muzungu work for us!

  1. Denis Humble

    You know when our Austria and Australian brothers came, We had no idea of what they have to plant on the soils of Kiboga,.. We imagined a simple structure to shelter is anyway but not what we can see now in 2017!!,.. It’s amazing that the kids can enjoy the hope they had not thought of, Our skills are built and motivated in us,.. I thank you.

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