Think for a moment, how is molding the way of living, when you are spending 7-8 years around same adult person? He becomes spiritual father, role model, mentor, supporter, discipler, visionar for your life. Youngsters bellow were brought by Pastor Joash together for caring on their basic needs. Today they are inspiring younger teens and kids. They are aspiring to be role models for douzines (over 200!!!) of kids living and/or coming every day to campus.

S_DenisHumbleS_Jose02S_Simon02S_Daniel01  S_Gloria001S_Johanna03S_Sidney01S_Lisa01  S_SimonPCS_PraiseS_Ambro01S_Pr02S_Al02S_GirlZion01S_RooneyS_Wanda01S_SonicS_Guitar01

School teachers are having also an educational role. See collective in 2015!

School_IvanWSchool_DianalizSchool_RonieSchool_KevinahSchool_EvaristSchool_ChristineSchool_FrankSchool_AliceSchool_EddySchool_SharifahSchool_AlfredKUKIRIZA SYDNEYABAHO SIMONNAMBALIRWA LISASchool_Staff

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