• Income generating services (VSLAS & IGAS)
  • Business Skills training
  • Vocational training
  • Start-up kits
  • Referral for economic strengthening

At Foweplak we engage in strategies and interventions aimed at improving the economic well-being and resilience of individuals, households, and communities. It focuses on enhancing their capacity to generate income, accumulate assets, and access economic opportunities. Economic strengthening initiatives often target vulnerable populations, such as low-income households, women, youth, and marginalized communities, with the goal of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable livelihoods, and fostering economic development.

Key components of economic strengthening include:

  • Income generation: Encouraging and supporting income-generating activities, such as entrepreneurship, vocational training, and job placement services, to help individuals and households increase their earnings.
  • Access to financial services: Facilitating access to formal financial services, such as savings accounts, credit, and insurance, to enable individuals and households to manage their finances, invest in productive assets, and cope with shocks and emergencies.
  • Market linkages: Connecting individuals and communities to broader markets by providing information, training, and support to improve their production, marketing, and business skills. This helps them access higher-value markets, negotiate better prices, and expand their customer base.
  • Social protection: Establishing social safety nets, such as cash transfer programs, social insurance, and targeted subsidies, to protect vulnerable populations from risks and shocks, improve their resilience, and provide a basic level of income security.
  • Financial literacy and business development services: Providing financial education and training programs to enhance individuals' understanding of financial concepts, promote responsible financial behaviors, and improve their capacity to manage money, save, and invest. Business development services may include mentorship, coaching, and technical assistance to support the growth and sustainability of small businesses.
  • Strengthening local economies: Promoting local economic development by investing in infrastructure, fostering entrepreneurship, attracting private investment, and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. This helps create employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and reduce dependence on external aid.
  • Economic strengthening is often implemented through a combination of interventions, taking into account the specific context and needs of the target population. It is commonly employed in the fields of international development, poverty reduction, and social welfare, with the aim of promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth.